Girls Board Option 2

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Please note that any orders made after Monday 15th November that need to travel to Australia, we can not guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas 

Play and display minifigure boards! They are a great idea for your minifig collector! You can keep all your minifigs together and play at the same time! Your kids will have fun changing their minifiguress around on their boards, gone are the days of ever losing a minifigure again! It also looks amazing hanging on the wall..

Girls board option 2

Small play n display board including custom minifigures and 3D features (30.5cm x 30.5cm)

This board includes

up to 9 custom made minifigs
1 x hip 3D features – these are the large features
2 x lil 3D features – these are the small features

International shipping to Australia included and free shipping within Thailand! 

Please check shipping costs to other parts of the world before purchasing.

This board can take up to 4 weeks for Australian deliveries

Please note all minifigures are subject to availability and we choose the minifgures based on what we have in stock. If you would like to pick your minifgures or features please email us for a custom order! it may incur additional charges and could also delay your delivery.

We do however include most of the main characters and we certainly take requests!

Please note that if you are in Australia this product is sent with all the mini figures and 3D features wrapped up safely and you will need to put them on yourself. We have instructions on facebook and I am here to help and guide you every step of the way!

About the custom Minifigures..

Individual mini figures are subject to availability. The minifigures are not specifically the Lego brand, we source all the mini figs independent of Lego as the range is larger and easier to obtain, as many Lego specific minifigures come only with full Lego sets. We find them from all parts of the world!

The quality is very good and I can also say my own children play with them day in day out and have no issues. However for your information the white bricks we use to affix the minifigures to the boards are the Lego brand.

We can definitely source you the Lego brand pieces, this takes a little longer as each piece needs to be sourced individually and some are easier than others to get, generally speaking each Lego person ranges between $5-$15 each and rare characters can be upwards of $30 – please email us for further details

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Frame Colour

Black, White

Background Colour

Black, White


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