Chess Sets

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Minifig chess sets! They are a great idea for your lil chess player! Large wooden box with a sliding lid, 64 square lego pieces that can come on and off and 32 custom minifigure chess pieces.

Star Wars (The Force)   
Star Wars (The Dark Side)  
DC superheros   
Marvel superheros  
Girls themes

Takes 4-5 weeks to distribute

Please get a quote for shipping costs to other parts of the world before purchasing.

ALSO available with Lego brand minifigures – price will be different, please read carefully and choose which product accordingly

Please note all minifigures are subject to availability and we choose the minifgures based on what we have in stock. If you would like to pick your minifgures or features please email us for a custom order! It may incur additional charges and could also delay your delivery.

We do however include most of the main characters and we certainly take requests!

About the custom minifigures..

Individual minifigures are subject to availability. The minifigures are not specifically the Lego brand, we source these minifigures independent of Lego as the range is larger and easier to obtain, as many Lego specific minifigs come only with full Lego sets. We find them from all parts of the world!

The quality is completely fine and I can also say my own children play with them day in day out and have no issues. However for your information the white bricks we use to affix the minifigs to the boards are the Lego brand.

We can definitely source you the Lego brand pieces, this takes a little longer as each piece needs to be sourced individually and some are easier than others to get, generally speaking each Lego person ranges between $5-$15 each and rare characters can be upwards of $30.

About us..

We are 2 Aussie mums.. One living in Thailand and the other in QLD.. We both have boys who are obsessed with minifigs and they inspired us to create all of these products! We decided they were way to cool not to share with all of you! We ship our orders once a month into QLD and then they are distributed from there! The support has been overwhelming and we love what we do!

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Theme 1 Combo

Star Wars Dark Side, Star Wars Force, Superhero's DC, Superhero's Marvel

Theme 2 Combo

Star Wars Dark Side, Star Wars Force, Superhero's DC, Superhero's Marvel


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